Where Diesel goes AdBlue® will follow

AdBlue® is now in use on trucks, buses, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, generators, marine vessels and passenger cars

AdBlue® combined with an SCR-catalyst converter has proven to be the leading technology for reducing Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) in exhaust gas emissions resulting from the combustion process of diesel engines.

Heavy duty truck sector saw the early adoption of Euro 4 progressing to Euro 5 now almost all truck manufacturers utilise AdBlue® to remain compliant with Euro 6 emission legislation.

Despite its widespread use and cross industry application for many users and operator, AdBlue® is still a relatively new and therefore mysterious product.

In response to the industry’s uncertainty – Mammoth Equipment and Exhausts a VDA certified global manufacturer and licensee of AdBlue® has released this information booklet to support operators and users by answering some commonly asked questions and providing specialised insight into AdBlue®

We hope that you gain value from this information and if you have any further questions or requirements please contact us on the details below:




1300 310 340 (Australia) or 0800 310 340 (New Zealand)

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